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    Proceedings of the International Conference on Global Politics and Socio-Humanities

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    Javier Cifuentes-Faura, University of Murcia

    Enrique Mallen, Sam Houston State University


  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230804

    A Study of English Writing Teaching under the Guidance of Memetics

    English writing is a fundamental skill in today’s globalized world. Teaching English writing effectively involves understanding not only the grammatical and structural aspects but also the cognitive and sociocultural factors that influence language use. This paper delves into the application of memetics in the domain of English writing teaching. Memetics, a field that explores the transmission and evolution of ideas and behaviours, offers a unique lens to understand the processes underlying the acquisition and development of writing skills. This study aims to examine the potential benefits of integrating memetics into English writing instruction, exploring its implications for enhancing creativity, engagement, and overall proficiency in English writing.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230805

    The Correlation Between Anorexia Nervosa and Depression, Anxiety, and Memory

    Neuropsychological functioning became an area of interest, researchers tended to gain more understanding and therapy options in anorexia nervosa (AN) based on the results of neuropsychology of anorexia nervosa. The study investigated the neuropsychological deficits in individuals with anorexia nervosa in comparison to healthy individuals. The main direction is to explore the effects of AN on the symptoms of depression, anxiety and memory performance in AN patient. Existing evidence on depression, anxiety and memory symptoms for outcomes related to AN was reviewed. The findings from current studies identify extensive evidence for the correlation between anorexia nervosa and depressive, anxious and memory symptoms. Anxiety and short-term memory demonstrated close relationships with AN. Most of the research found there was a positive correlation between the symptoms of depression and AN. The experiments about the recovery of memory in AN patient after treatment drew different conclusions. Some present controversies and areas in future studies are determined.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230806

    A Retrospect in Study of Relationships Between Anxiety, Depression and Working Memory Capacity

    Working Memory Capacity (WMC) is a crucial component in the study of cognitive functions such as learning, problem-solving, and decision-making. Recent research has illuminated the neurobiological foundations of WMC and its connection to academic success, particularly in children. In addition, research into individual differences throughout a person’s life has uncovered connections between visual short-term memory, working memory and mathematical proficiency. Depression, marked by emotional distress and neurological degradation, and anxiety, typified by elevated discomfort and physiological arousal, often coincide. It is important to note that these disorders have high comorbidity rates, impacting almost 90% of those with anxiety and 85% of those with depression. Understanding this comorbidity is crucial due to its significant social impact. Existing research demonstrates that depression and anxiety have separate effects on WMC. Therefore, it is essential to grasp the intricacies of depression and anxiety in context of the comorbidity, considering their adverse social impact. Depression compromises working memory, especially in situations involving emotionally-charged data, while anxiety directs cognitive resources away from tasks requiring WMC by causing deficits in attentional control. Comorbidity exacerbates these deficits and appears to be linked with impairments in inhibitory control.Future research must focus on mechanistic insights, exploring the neural basis and therapeutic interventions for this intricate interplay.In conclusion, there is potential for enhancing cognitive function and mental health interventions through comprehending the interplay between WMC, anxiety, and depression. These results underline the necessity of holistic approaches to tackle the cognitive functioning consequences of mental health issues.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230808

    Video Game Addiction, Its Risk Factors, and Relationships with the Big Five Personality Traits

    Video games have become the modern way of socialising and entertaining especially among teenagers and young adults. Studies have pointed out the negative outcomes of excessive gameplay. Personality, as one of the main influencers of behaviours, the relationship it holds with video game addiction should be investigated. Personalities are formed because of genetic and environmental influences and the most established classification is the big five models of personality: Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion (extroversion), Agreeableness and Neuroticism. Video game addiction falls under the category of behavioural addiction and is formed because of the dopamine effect. ‘Flow’ state and the Zeigarnik effect are used to explain the mechanisms behind addiction. Some diagnostic symptoms are excessive playtime, preoccupation, and tolerance. People with relationship issues are more vulnerable to Video Game Addiction (VGA). For personality, neuroticism is positively correlated, and conscientiousness is negatively correlated with VGA. Extraversion and agreeableness are negatively correlated with VGA, but this depends on the game genres to an extent. Openness to experience has the least effect on video game addiction. For future studies, game genres are worth investigating as gamers with different personalities may prefer or dislike certain games, which lead to them being addicted or not addicted to this game, this may affect the accuracy of the results. Other factors such as psychopathological conditions and social background are also important.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230809

    Parenting Styles and Adolescents’ Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Chinese Culture: A Test of the Mediating Effect of Perfectionism

    Adolescents’ mental health has become a global concern, with a significant proportion experiencing common mental health disorders. This study investigates the intricate dynamics of parenting styles, maladaptive perfectionism, and their influence on the mental health of adolescents from middle-class families in China. Through an online survey, this study gathered data from 283 adolescents, exploring their parenting experiences, levels of perfectionism and common mental health problems. The current study was conducted by using scales and the analysis of variance, correlation analysis, and regression analysis. A significant association was found between authoritarian parenting styles and an increase in common mental health disorders. In contrast, authoritative parenting styles were protective, further illustrating the importance of parenting styles in the well-being of adolescents. Socially prescribed perfectionism was a noteworthy mediator, revealing its role in generating mental health problems. The study also explored gender and family structure differences in parenting styles. The study provides valuable insights into the complex interplay of factors that influence adolescent mental health. Moreover, the study contributes to targeted interventions to improve the health of adolescents, especially in different cultural contexts.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230813

    Extending the Cognitive Mediation Model to Examine Personal Body Dissatisfaction: Media Attention, Information Processing and Healthy Diet Knowledge Acquisition

    Trapped in this fast-paced society, concerns about personal healthy conditions especially the outcome of unhealthy eating habits have been raised recently. As most of the youth embraced the digital media as a tool to be informed of updated healthy eating information, the study tried to explore whether or not their healthy eating literacy have been enhanced via their increasing attention to the relevant information based on the theory of the Cognitive Mediation Model (CMM). And how their increasing knowledge gain affected their attitudes to their body conditions. The method of path analysis were used to finish the survey, confirming the critically positive role of elaboration and engagement from the youth’’s attention to the youth’’s knowledge gain in terms of the healthy diet, and revealing that a higher level of knowledge gain corresponded with a lower satisfaction of their body conditions. These conclusions go a step further to link the cognitive factors change in the CMM to an affective factors change, extending the CMM to be a mediator for the subsequent research on healthy eating behaviors.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230814

    The Impact of Climate Change on Sustainable Development and International Relations in China

    Global climate change has a significant negative impact on both sustainable development and the stability of international relations in the world. Global climate change affects both international relations and sustainable environmental policies to varying degrees. However, currently, most studies focus on analyzing the impact of climate change on the global environment from the perspectives of economic development and food security, and there is no discussion of the linkages between climate change, sustainable environmental policies, and international relations, so this study will analyze the sustainable development issues and international relations in terms of the impact of climate change on China by using realism theory and Liberalism theory. This study shows that climate change, environmental security planning, and international relations are interactive. A rational and valid environmental security planning mitigates the effects of climate change to a certain extent, while the implementation process of security planning contributes to the harmonious development of international relations.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230816

    Analyzing the Shifts in China’s Birth Rate: Unraveling the Factors Behind the Changes

    In recent years, China has experienced significant changes in its birth rate, showing a downward trend. In 2022, the natural population growth rate even turned negative, indicating a critical moment in China’s population development. It becomes crucial to address how to increase the birth rate. To achieve this, it is important to understand the factors influencing the birth rate. This article analyzes the changes and trends in China’s birth rate over the past two decades and explores regional variations in birth rates. Finally, it categorizes the influencing factors into four aspects: national fertility policy, social security level, fertility costs, and people’s fertility intentions. Based on the research findings, recommendations for increasing the birth rate are proposed. Regularly evaluate and adjust policies to meet changing demographics. Offer incentives like extended parental leave, flexible work arrangements, and improved childcare services. Enhance social security and family-friendly support: Strengthen access to affordable healthcare, education, and housing. Implement family-friendly legislation, and provide financial assistance, tax benefits, and subsidies to ease the economic burden on families. Improve childcare affordability and accessibility: Invest in high-quality and affordable childcare facilities. Expand maternity rooms and breastfeeding support in public spaces and workplaces. Emphasize shared parenting responsibilities and provide resources for both parents.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230832

    A Study of the Inner Connections Between Globalization, Modernization, and Integration Through the 19th Century

    In the 19th century, Western countries opened the borders of countries that had been closed over a long period of time and connected them to a new global commodity market. In this context, the study of this paper focuses on three parts. The first part explains the reasons for the emergence of globalization in the 19th century from both material and social aspects; the second part continues to explain the fundamental reasons for the prosperity of the modernization movement from the impact of globalization; the third part studies the changes in the process of integration from the results of globalization and modernization. As the evidence shows, globalization, modernization, and integration are strongly bonded together, and they serve for world development conspicuously. These three parts are connected to each other to form a complete logical chain, which is expected to inspire today's researchers to interpret future developments in terms of globalization.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230843

    Research Review on the Improvement of Scholarships Evaluation in Chinese Colleges

    Scholarships have been playing an important role in higher education because of its positive incentives. As the essential element of scholarships, scholarships evaluation has a direct influence on the effect of scholarships. Educational workers have worked on improving scholarships evaluation for function maximization, and they have gained theoretical and practical achievements. Built on related studies, the paper is to briefly introduce the current situation of scholarships in Chinese colleges from three aspects: purpose, program and process, to describe three obvious difficulties scholarships evaluation having faced: Matthew effect caused by changeless criteria, unfairness in reviewing non-academic criteria, and the dominance of summative assessment, and to relate three corresponding strategies educational workers have put forward: making Catfish effect by establishing dynamic evaluation system, increasing fairness by quantitating non-academic criteria, and weakening the dominance of summative assessment by introducing foreign educational assessment theories. It is worth to further explore how to gain better balance between achieve effectiveness and demonstrate practicality.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230846

    Employment and Citizenizationof China's New Generation Migrant Workers in the Digital Economy Era

    The diffusion of digital technology and business models globally has brought about new employment patterns, reshaping daily life and social relationships. Over the past few decades, the rapid growth of China's internet industry has fueled the development of the digital economy, giving rise to new forms of employment and labor relations. This has brought both new employment opportunities and challenges to migrant workers. As the primary labor force in modern society, the new generation of migrant workers is gradually engaging in new types of work in the context of digital development. However, as both migrant workers and new types of employees, they face issues related to the protection of labor rights and the process of citizenization in the city. This paper discusses the issues related to the citizenization of the new generation of migrant workers in the context of digitization and proposes recommendations and solutions.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230850

    The Desire for Memory and the Resurgence of the Individual

    The social dimension of memory research has gradually compressed the space for individual memory, posing a crisis for the existence of individual memory. This article attempts to graft Jacques Lacan’s theory onto the issue of memory, proposing three theoretical formulations: the Real of Memory, the Imaginary of Memory, and the Symbolic of Memory. Through these formulations, the article aims to explore the mechanisms of memory operation with the individual as the central focus of discussion and theoretical anchor. Furthermore, it reconsiders why the “capitalized memory” actively retreats and concedes through the operation of desire or lack, ultimately attaining a recognition-based satisfaction.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230856

    The Bias and Discrimination of Chinese Families Towards Vocational Education: A Comparative Analysis with Foreign Vocational Education

    This paper aims to explore the prejudice and discrimination of Chinese families to vocational education. And through the comparative analysis with foreign vocational education, this research deeply explores the causes and effects of these problems. Through comprehensive literature analysis and case studies, this paper argues that the prejudice and discrimination of Chinese families to vocational education not only restricts the career development of individuals, but also restricts the development of the whole society. In contrast, the recognition and emphasis on vocational education in some foreign countries provides more career development opportunities for individuals and provides strong support for social and economic growth. In order to solve the problem of prejudice and discrimination of Chinese families towards vocational education, this paper puts forward some suggestions such as strengthening education publicity, improving the vocational education system, and cultivating the education concept of all-rounded development, aiming at promoting the development of China’s vocational education and social progress.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230857

    The Impact of Regional Economic Cooperation on States from a Global Perspective

    With the deepening of economic globalization and the constant changes in the international political pattern, regional economic cooperation has become an important means for major countries to seek economic development, maintain economic stability, and protect the domestic market, but at the same time, it also has some impact on the market of some weaker countries. Despite the controversy, regional economic cooperation has become one of the mainstream trends of world economic development with a strong momentum. Based on the relationship between the local and the whole, this study explores the positive and negative impacts of regional economic cooperation while looking forward to the prospects of world economic development, uses the literature survey method to outline the current situation and development framework of regional economic cooperation, and explores how major countries use regional economic cooperation to seek their own interests. At the same time, it can also be found that the weak countries can better integrate into regional economic cooperation and development while maintaining the domestic market. The study found that regional economic cooperation has become an effective means for most countries to boost their economies and maintain stability, but the world’s powerful countries have more benefits than other countries, and big countries should have a long-term vision while other countries should insist on economic independence.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230859

    Dilemmas and Solutions in the Implementation of the “Double Reduction” Policy in China

    The rapid development of society intensifies the competition in the field of education, and the fierce competition is increasingly reflected in the stage of compulsory education. In order to effectively ease the academic pressure on students and build a healthier education ecosystem, China officially implemented the “double reduction” policy in July 2021. However, a series of problems have been exposed in the process of policy implementation. Applying the Smith theory model of policy formulation and implementation, this paper studies the problems in the implementation of the “double reduction” policy and puts forward targeted optimization suggestions, aiming at providing better ideas for the implementation of the “double reduction” policy in China. According to the analysis, it can be concluded that in the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, China needs to overcome obstacles such as the stereotypes about exam-oriented education, the deviation in the target group of policy implementation, and the poor performance of policy implementation agencies. In order to optimize the implementation of the policy, it is necessary to improve the supervision mechanism and establish a legal system in the “double reduction” policy system as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the publicity of educational concepts should be taken into account and the fair development of education should be promoted.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230860

    The Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on the Development of Asian Countries During the Ten Years of Its Implementation

    China launched the Belt and Road Initiative, which is now marking its tenth anniversary. The Initiative has significantly aided in fostering economic development in Asian, African, and even global economies during the past 10 years and has aided in strengthening international ties. This study mainly examines how the economics and society of developing Asian nations that took part in the Belt and Road project have changed over the past ten years and assesses the potential and difficulties the project will bring about in the future. In this paper, Pakistan is used as the research object, and data analysis and comparison analysis are done using case studies and literature analyses. The primary sources of secondary data for this paper’s research are journal papers, research books, magazine articles, etc. This study concludes that the Belt and Road Initiative’s execution is crucial to advancing the process of globalization and helpful to the social and economic development of Asia’s developing nations.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230863

    Application Analysis of Music Therapy in the Mental Health Education of Teenagers in China

    Music therapy is a treatment method that uses music as a medium, listening, singing, writing and other methods as a way to promote the physical and psychological rehabilitation of patients. In recent years, with the further development of psychology, music therapy has also been widely used in adolescent mental health education. This paper explores and analyzes the principle of music therapy in psychotherapy, the application methods and feasibility of music therapy in adolescents’ mental health education, so as to provide a new treatment method for people who cannot recover through traditional psychotherapy for various reasons in adolescence. This paper puts forward the ways and methods of applying music therapy based on school education, achieves the purpose of promoting music therapy in primary and secondary schools in China. At the same time, it points out the limitations of its application and development, and puts forward the corresponding countermeasures to promote the development of music therapy in China. Finally, this paper demonstrates the feasibility of music therapy in adolescent psychotherapy by analyzing the music therapy case of a 20-year-old patient with bipolar disorder.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230864

    The Economic Efficiency of Vicarious Liability in Employment Relationships

    A tort that occurs because an employee is not qualified for a certain job but to operate that job and leads to damage. Many people may be confused in this case which party shall bear the tort liability caused by this infringement, the employer or the employee, and how vicarious liability has been applied. This paper introduces vicarious liability and vicarious liability in employment relationships. Under no matter civil law system or common law system, there is the same content of vicarious liability. This paper only focuses on the basis of vicarious liability which will not cause a fallacy between the common law system and the civil law system. Then the paper compares the economic efficiency under situations of the employer bears the liability of the unqualified employee’s tort and the counterpart, and illustrates the deficiencies of the current discussion. This paper combines law and economy to work out the optimal rule i.e. the most efficient rule under the background case. It draws the conclusion that strict vicarious liability is more efficient in the economy and supports the application of vicarious liability in the legal system.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230865

    The Impact of AI-Driven Narrative Generation, Exemplified by ChatGPT, on the Preservation of Human Creative Originality and Uniqueness

    The appearance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems have become more adept at generating original texts, becoming the realm of storytelling, as exemplified by ChatGPT and similar language models. This has sparked a growing debate about its impact on the originality and uniqueness of human creativity and thinking. Bringing up the question of whether AI-driven narrative generation is a benefit or a detriment to humanity, this paper delves into the evolution of AI storytelling, examines the capabilities and limitations of large language models like ChatGPT, even under their impressive fluency, and further explores the implications for human creativity and intellectual diversity. While AI storytelling tools have undoubtedly revolutionised content generation, this paper argues that they do not inherently erode human originality and uniqueness and more so cannot authentically replicate the distinctiveness of human thinking. Instead, with conscientious implementation, AI writing technologies may serve as powerful complementary tools that can enhance human creativity, expand the diversity of voices and perspectives, provide more widespread access to the means of storytelling and personal expression, and optimise our human literary activities in a manner that elevates rather than erodes the uniqueness of human literary work when used thoughtfully and ethically.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-28 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/26/20230873

    The Importance and Strategy of Developing Teacher Leadership Capabilities

    Teacher leadership is an important component of educational leadership. The concept of teacher leadership was created to provide teachers with opportunities for their own development. By working with their colleagues to mutually promote and improve teaching and learning practices, they are able to make contributions to the sustainable development of their schools. This article concludes with a summary of the main theories of teacher leadership in order to better understand how to promote teacher leadership development. Then, it analyzes the importance and current situation of developing teacher leadership and provides suggestions for future promotion. The importance of teacher leadership include: effectiveness of school management, leading other teachers, development of students, professional capacity. In the managerial leadership model, the focus is on school strategies to improve teacher leadership, such as empowering teachers and increasing teachers' awareness of their own leadership role. In the transformational and distributed model, teachers are required to be more active in their development, for example, improving their professional knowledge and consciously developing and implementing plans.

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