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    Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Educational Innovation and Philosophical Inquiries

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    Javier Cifuentes-Faura, University of Murcia

    Enrique Mallen, Sam Houston State University


  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231465

    Analysis of Copyright Protection Issues for Characters in Works

    The use of characters in various types of prior works in modern society has raised questions about whether characters can be regarded as subjects of copyright. Based on copyright legislation and jurisprudence, regardless of the type or scale, the determination of whether any intellectual creation is eligible for copyright protection rests solely on the criteria of originality and replicability, unrelated to factors such as the commercial value of the characters. Various standards applicable to the issue of copyrightability of characters, as practiced in both Chinese and American judicial contexts, emphasize the consideration of specific descriptive elements inherent in characters. Guided by the "idea-expression dichotomy" principle, deconstructing characters reveals that only when characters are concretely and adequately described, and when they have transcended the realm of conceptual ideas to constitute an expression of originality, can they independently become subjects of copyright separate from the work they originate in. The protection and use of characters in works should respect the objective laws of cultural creation, inheritance, and development, in order to ultimately achieve the fundamental principles and goals of copyright legislation.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231466

    Design as a Tool for “Wicked Problems”: An Action-oriented Visual Narration

    This paper explores the application of visual narratives in addressing "wicked problems" such as ecosystem imbalances and biodiversity loss. Firstly, it reviews the evolution of the design field's focus on "wicked problems" and how design has shifted from "post-intervention" processes to seeking more profound solutions. Subsequently, the paper presents a case study of the Tianjin Qilihai Wetland, demonstrating how design intervenes in local ecological and social issues as a tool and medium to tackle wicked problems. Based on this, four methods of action-oriented visual narrative are proposed: shifting from stakeholders' relevant maps to collaborator maps, self-organized visual materials, participatory experiences, and visual narratives of products in social contexts. These methods, through the lens of visual narratives, aid in understanding and addressing complex ecological and social issues. Finally, the paper concludes by emphasizing the advantages and significance of visual narratives in addressing wicked problems, underlining their key role in promoting the integration of design and social action to achieve more comprehensive and profound problem-solving.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231467

    Copyrights Infringement Risks in AI-generated Cover Songs: An Analysis Based on Current Legislation

    In the age of “Big Data”, the accelerated iteration of AI models characterized by ChatGPT has fueled both excitement and fear. With the diversified application of generative AI models, last year witnessed a surge in AI cover songs. Compared with the discussions around the content generated by AI, the prior training process receives less attention. This article aims at analyzing the copyright law issues related to AI cover songs. By examining current legislation in different countries, the author believes that the training of AI cover models risks violating both property rights and moral rights stipulated in copyrights laws. Moreover, it fails to fit in the fair-use defense in most states. Considering the emotional values preserved by AI cover songs as well as the spirit of copyright laws, this article argues that basically, the training of AI cover models should be solely for non-commercial use. An unregulated approach toward AI cover songs can otherwise hinder innovations and disproportionately harm the interest of minority groups.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231468

    An Effectiveness Study on the Impact of Cross-cultural Communication Alienation on China-related Coverage

    The phenomenon of communicative alienation is given a positive meaning by the complex cultural interplay in which it is embedded in the process of intercultural communication. Using comments on AFP's 'Dawn of the Empire' photo series as an example, this study uses case study and text analysis methods to crawl and collate 216 relevant data points on three international platforms - Twitter, Facebook and YouTube - using the search term 'Dawn of the Empire'. The study also analyses the effectiveness of cross-cultural communication of this news coverage, with 216 comments on Weibo and Bilibili. The study argues that communication alienation also has its positive side, and that by communicating positive alienation and considering communication alienation as an online cultural movement, it can to some extent contribute to reconstructing the communication system of international exchange, expanding and updating the ways of communication, improving international exchange and reducing conflicts, thus achieving a virtuous circle.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231470

    Construction of AR and VR Children's Film and Television Education Curriculum System Based on 5G

    Film and television (including digital media art) will be explicitly included in the Chinese Compulsory Education Curriculum Plan and Curriculum Standards in 2022, according to the China’s Ministry of Education. With the advancement of science and technology, significant changes in film and television production and communication have occurred.5G, AR, and VR technologies are reshaping film and television language expression techniques, presentation forms, and viewing methods. As a result, it is necessary to combine the current development trend of film and television technology, comprehend the science and technology of film and television, master the new expression of film and television language, cultivate children's media literacy as the goal, and build the curriculum system of contemporary children's film and television education, in order to promote the implementation of the curriculum plan and curriculum standards of film and television education.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231474

    The Effects of TPR on the Second Language Learning of 3-4-year-old Children

    This paper focuses on comparing the efficacy of the Total Physical Response (TPR) and Audio-Lingual Method (ALM) for teaching a second language to children aged 3-4. TPR is a language learning method that employs physical movements and commands to facilitate language acquisition, while ALM focuses on accurate pronunciation and grammar through repetitive practice and reinforcement. Research has shown that early language exposure has long-term benefits for children, including improved cognitive development, academic performance, and socio-emotional outcomes. However, previous studies have focused on older children or adults, and there is limited research on TPR’s effectiveness for 3-4-year-olds. The proposed study aims to address this gap by testing whether TPR is better than ALM in teaching a second language to young children. The study involved sixty 3-4-year-old children from a kindergarten in Hangzhou, China, and used the Preschool Language Scale-5 (PLS-5) as an assessment tool.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231475

    The Effect of Linguistic Code-switching on CognitiveInhibition in Bilingualism: Evidence from Stroop Tests

    Linguistic code-switching is a common phenomenon among bilinguals that requires extensive executive control to manage two languages. However, limited research has specifically examined whether frequent code-switching enhances cognitive inhibition as measured by the Stroop test. Understanding this relationship has important implications for harnessing bilingual advantages in inhibition and executive functioning. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate whether bilingual adolescents who engage in code-switching demonstrate improved cognitive inhibition compared to monolingual peers. Participants were 81 Chinese-English bilinguals aged 14-18, who were assigned to English reading, Chinese reading, or mixed language reading groups. Participants then completed Stroop tests. Results revealed the mixed language group had significantly faster response times on incongruent Stroop trials compared to both monolingual groups, indicating enhanced cognitive inhibition from code-switching. No significant difference emerged between the English and Chinese groups, implying monolingual reading in either language does not differentially impact inhibition.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231477

    Analysis of College English Phonetic Learning

    Improving students’ speaking ability is one of the fundamental requirements for English teaching. However, some English majors have few chances in oral English learning and lack the motivation to practice phonetics, moreover, teachers may face challenges to teach them phonetics. Therefore, in order to discuss the problems in English phonetics teaching and improve the efficiency of it. This paper analyzes the current situation and problems of college students' phonetic learning by utilizing questionnaire investigation. The students’ attitudes, difficulties, methods of English phonetics learning are analyzed based on the linguistic. Furthermore, the corresponding teaching and learning are put forward. The investigation shows that nowadays, college students pay more attention to their English phonetics. There are three influence factors contributing to their dissatisfaction with it, including the negative influence of language transfer, low attention to English phonetics teaching, and lack of expertise in phonetics. Based on the analysis of these contributors, this paper purposes corresponding methods: Teachers should know the similarities and differences between English and Chinese in pronunciation, add English tests as a part of students’ English final exam, and colleges should conduct systematic phonetic training for English teachers.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231478

    An Analysis of College English Teaching Strategies

    In contemporary society, cultural communication and dissemination among countries have broken through the limitations of nationalities and borders. Both school teaching and family education have paid more attention to the teaching strategies of bilingual learners. This paper utilizes literature analysis to explore three strategies in the process of English teaching in colleges. By analyzing the current status of three types of college English teaching problems, three feasible strategies are provided for this purpose, picture books, English original movies, and group activities to decline the anxiety of college English classes and to maximize students’ motivation and participation. The implementation of the above three measures can help bilingual learners to have better skills in their second language.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231480

    Promoting Sino-European Co-operation in International Change

    Bilateral relations between China and the European Union (EU) have suffered many twists and turns, showing new features of change in stability and retreat in progress.The main reason for the new changes in China-EU relations is not the sudden deepening of internal contradictions between China and the EU or the disappearance of common interests; in fact, the Biden administration, after coming to power and needing to cope with China-U.S. competition with the power of the EU, has changed the Trump administration’s emphasis on unilateralism and the U.S.-first foreign policy, returned to the position of multilateralism, and took the initiative to repair transatlantic relations, enhancing the strategic attraction to the EU; it is the important driving force for the emergence of a phased adjustment of the EU’s policy towards China. Therefore, it is necessary to respond to the new changes in China-EU relations on the basis of the triangular relationship between China, the US and the EU, manage the conflicts between China and the US, make good use of the US-EU analyses, and strengthen the consensus between China and the EU, enhancing the centripetal force of China-EU relations with mutually beneficial co-operation and common interests in development, so as to promote China-EU co-operation in a stable way and bring it to a far-reaching stage.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231481

    Cultural Opportunities and Challenges in the Digital Era: A Study on the Inheritance, Dissemination, and Innovation of Chinese Culture Based on ChatGPT

    In the context of the digital age, ChatGPT, as a novel technology and medium, presents fresh opportunities for the inheritance, dissemination, and innovation of Chinese culture, while also introducing novel challenges. This paper employs established theories of cultural communication to investigate the utilization of ChatGPT for the inheritance, dissemination, and innovation of Chinese culture. This research contributes to fostering the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese culture in the digital era, enhancing the capacity to narrate China’s stories in the new age, boosting cultural self-confidence and unity among the Chinese people, and elevating the global influence of Chinese culture.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231482

    An Analysis of the Screen Phenomenology in Postman's Thought from the Perspective of the Television Screen

    From the perspective of television screen, this research explores the phenomenology of screen referred in Neil Postman’s thought. The media ecology theory underpins the development of Postman’s thought, whereas on the basis of Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message”, the media theorist put forth a series of such core arguments as “media as metaphor” to analyze impacts of television on society and culture and criticized the media culture represented by TV. Postman further expounded that the prevalent “amusement-to-death” inflicted by the immediate communication of electronic media had significantly undermined the rationality and dignity of traditional printing culture. In this vein, this study thenceforth takes “technology” and “media” as the entry point to investigate the development of television, as a media, amidst the contemporary media integration context, and to study the phenomenon of contemporary television screen and its extension and turn via the endeavor of interpreting the communication characteristics of electronic media.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231484

    Innovation and Practice of the “Industry-education Integration and Innovation” Collaborative Education Model for Application-oriented Undergraduate Universities in the Context of New Liberal Arts Education

    The cultivation of highly competent and well-rounded individuals, alongside the enhancement of students' comprehensive job-related abilities, lies at the core of an innovative talent development model. Drawing upon research encompassing the essence of new liberal arts education, collaborative education mechanisms, and the backdrop of professional establishment, this study aligns with the educational mission of application-oriented universities, aiming to drive societal progress and foster local industry cooperation. By analyzing the current state of talent cultivation in application-oriented undergraduate institutions and elucidating the goals of talent development, a novel and practical framework for the "Industry-Education Integration and Innovation" collaborative education model tailored to application-oriented undergraduate universities is proposed. This framework encompasses four dimensions of higher education and pedagogical reform: “Industrial Cultivation, Professional Establishment, Integration of Learning and Competitions, and Dual-Innovation Education.”

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231485

    Would Justice Be Better Served in the U.S. if More Supreme Court Judges Were Women?

    This paper support that justice would be better served in the U.S. if Supreme Court judges included more women. Considering the powerful influence of the Supreme Court rulings, this paper focuses on the importance of diversity on the bench and females’ decision-making characteristics. Diversity on the bench could effectively enhance the fairness of verdicts and positively influence colleagues, as female judges would make decisions with different life experiences. Their presence creates a more fair and open courtroom environment. Also, a diverse bench would increase confidence in U.S. citizens of the Supreme Court. Compared to males, Females’ decision-making characteristics would provide a fresh perspective on the bench since these characteristics are essential and beneficial for courtroom decisions.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231489

    The Influence of International Lifelong Education Concepts on the Development of Lifelong Education in China and Its Promotion

    The concept of lifelong education has received strong attention from the international community since it was put forward. Under the impetus of many international organizations, countries have started to introduce and study the concept of lifelong education, which has gradually become the target of education policy reform in various countries based on pedagogical theory. The research theme of this paper is the influence and promotion of the international lifelong education concept on the development of lifelong education in China. This paper mainly compares the promotion of the lifelong education concept by three representative international organizations, the process of introducing the lifelong education concept into China and the development of lifelong education policies in China through literature research. The research consequences show that the development of the international lifelong education concept and the policies and practices of other countries in the international community have provided guidance and ideas for the development of lifelong education in China. In the process of introduction, Chinese scholars have increasingly focused on exchanges with international scholars, the construction of the discipline of lifelong education in China, the reflection of localization process and the practice in line with national conditions.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231490

    Gender Leadership and Impacts

    The text focuses on female and male leadership characteristics and images. By demonstrating the relationship between gender and leadership and exploring the current state of the gender gap as an introduction, gender is linked to leadership, demonstrating that male leadership is a transactional leadership style, task-orientated, goal-orientated when in power, able to be decisive, possessing a winning attitude, and likewise possessing the disadvantages of being authoritarian and a climber. In contrast, females predominantly use transformational leadership styles and can diversify their leadership demonstrations to change the Management styles. Women’s leadership is based on empowerment, and they can also demonstrate humanistic care in organisations by being democratic and collegial, gaining insight into the needs of their subordinates, and developing and mentoring their staff. Although female leaders also have advantages in intuition and communication, they are more sensitive to things, easily emotional, and less recognised in stereotypes, and these shortcomings can be a hindrance to the promotion of women like executives. Furthermore, different gender combinations can have different impacts on organisational performance. Finally, since male and female gender leadership will tend to be homogeneous with the development of the times, suggestions are made on how to narrow the gender gap and how to use gender leadership according to the three aspects of society, company and individual, to achieve the enhancement of organisational performance.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231492

    Research on the Relationship Between Chinese Private Entrepreneurs and Democratization

    While the rise of democracy has been attributed to various factors, including the emergence of a capitalist class. This article adopts a theoretical analysis method to delve into the role of private entrepreneurs in China as a potential catalyst for democratization. Drawing on Barrington Moore's theory of "no bourgeoisie, no democracy" and Samuel Huntington's analysis of democratization movements, the paper explores the dynamics between private entrepreneurs and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and analyzes the identity and interests of private entrepreneurs.The study reveals that private entrepreneurs in China maintain close informal connections and share political interests with state officials, indicating an interdependent relationship rather than an antagonistic one. Additionally, the lack of a unified political front and diverging economic interests among private entrepreneurs undermines the potential for class formation and collective action towards democratization. The paper also highlights the integration and cooperation between the CCP and private business owners, dispelling assumptions of discontent and hostility between the two groups. Chinese private entrepreneurs are generally satisfied with the CCP's economic policies, with their primary concern being market competition rather than state policies. This research contributes to a nuanced understanding of the complex dynamics between private entrepreneurs and the CCP in the context of democratization in China.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231493

    Integrating Climate Change into the Law of the Sea Convention: An Examination of Feasibility

    The imperative to tackle climate change and its far-reaching consequences on both the environment and humanity is unquestionable. The Commission of Small Island States on Climate Change sent a request to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, with a proposition to integrate climate change into the regulation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. This proposition seeks to mandate state parties under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea to protect and preserve the marine environment from climate change impacts. This paper critically engages with the shortcomings of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change framework and explores the question of whether greenhouse gases meet the definition of pollution of the marine environment and further scrutinizes whether Part XII of the Convention should be revised to extend its regulation over climate change.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231496

    Elementary and Secondary Education Equity from the Perspective of Finance -- A case study of Beijing

    Educational equity means that the subject of education is fair to every object of education and fair to educational evaluation in educational activities, regardless of their gender, race, birth background, life circumstances, family conditions, beauty and ugliness, etc., they can have the same opportunity to receive education and enjoy the right to receive education as others, and can reach a general social standard with their education and own efforts. As the capital of China, the development of primary and secondary education in Beijing has always attracted much attention. However, due to the imbalance of financial input and educational resources, there are some problems in the fairness of primary and secondary education in Beijing. Therefore, from the perspective of finance, it is of great significance to deeply study the educational equity of primary and secondary schools in Beijing.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-10-26 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/20/20231497

    The Application of Participatory Art Education Curriculum Design Focused on the Psychological Well-being of Left-behind Children in Rural Revitalization

    The future of rural areas hinges not only on the future of its people but particularly on the future of its children. Art must be integrated with education, delving into the realms of children’s psychology, rural culture, and social ecology. Furthermore, culture can reciprocally influence the economy, with the enhancement of spiritual culture having a positive impact on rural economic revitalization. This paper thus focuses on how to address the issue of adverse mental health conditions in children, improve their life skills, and enhance economic conditions in rural areas through participatory art education activities and design. By researching contemporary psychological issues among rural children, it grasps the fundamental problems and expounds on the concept of participatory art education in the context of rural revitalization. Scientific data analysis of various indicator systems is conducted using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), with Yantianzi Village in Hong Kong as an example. This paper creatively proposes an integrated system of participatory design and art education curriculum, encompassing culture, psychology, skills, and personality development. The aim is to use art education as a means to positively influence the rural economic improvement process, while also providing social value to the development of children and the overall cultural and economic thought of rural areas. This research contributes to the enhancement, refinement, and innovation of existing rural art education teaching systems.

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