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    Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Social Psychology and Humanity Studies

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    Kurt Buhring, Saint Mary's College


  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240526

    Development of a New Technology Compound Talent Intelligent Learning Platform Based on Personalized Learning

    With the continuous deepening of educational digital reform, the demands for digital empowerment of modern education and technology-driven educational transformation have become particularly urgent. Smart learning platforms and intelligent learning cloud services have emerged in this context. The “JinYu” project focuses on the cultivation of talents in the new era of the Internet and the construction of smart education. It is dedicated to providing an online learning platform and practical opportunities for programming learners, cultivating university students’ innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities. The project centers around the construction of high-quality courses in programming languages, emphasizing video recording and textbook writing. This initiative aims to expose a wider audience to courses related to programming and big data development, thereby creating a new technology compound talent intelligent learning platform based on personalized learning. The platform effectively promotes the transformation of smart learning forms and teaching modes in universities.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240557

    Research on the Formation Mechanism of the Contemporary Youth Subculture "Da Zi Culture" — Based on the Application of Grounded Theory Research Method

    In the process of modernization, subcultural phenomena within youth groups have gradually flourished, and relevant theoretical research has made substantial progress. However, the phenomenon of "Da Zi Culture" within youth groups is a newly emerging, complex subculture influenced by various factors, with scarce empirical research within the academic community. Therefore, this study aims to explore the core topic of the formation mechanism of the youth subculture "Da Zi Culture," investigating the motivation for participation, influencing factors, and the satisfaction gained by the youth engaged in "finding a partner." The research results indicate that the formation mechanism of the youth subculture "Da Zi Culture" primarily involves four factors: functional domain needs, emotional values, social values, and internal and external driving forces. Based on this, the study constructs a theoretical model of the formation mechanism of "Da Zi Culture."

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240573

    Yan’an Through Papered Propaganda: Establishing a Cultural Hub in the Early 1940s

    In the early 1940s, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) strategically employed Yan’an-centric propaganda to forge a narrative deeply rooted in the loess plateau, laying the foundation for subsequent cultural movements. After the arrival of the cohort of CCP forces in Yan’an, the reduction in their numbers prioritized their mission to recruit talent and bolster their forces to compensate for the losses. With the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War in 1937, Yan'an gained recognition and external support as the capital of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region. However, it encountered challenges associated with growing reliance, particularly after the New Fourth Army Incident in 1941. As a result, the CCP shifted towards self-reliance, instituting policies aimed at reducing land and interest rates. Simultaneously, cultural clubs were organized to foster a "free" environment for intellectuals, promoting the coexistence of farmers, troops, and intellectuals to boost local morale. Rather than categorizing the CCP’s decision to host the Yan’an Conference on Literature and Art as mere coincidence or deliberate planning, this article redirects focus toward understanding the cultural ambiance that prevailed in the city leading up to the conference. Through an exploration of the factors contributing to Yan’an’s emergence as a crucible of cultural activities, this paper seeks to unravel the intricate dynamics shaping its cultural landscape.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240608

    Research on the Phenomenon of Younger Digital Workers on the Short Video Platform

    With the development of new media technology and mobile devices, short videos have gradually become popular. However, behind the seemingly prosperous scene is the loss of subjectivity for children and adolescents in the bizarre virtual world shaped by short videos. Based on this phenomenon, this paper uses the concept of "digital labor" from the political economy of communication and uses in-depth interviews and content analysis to study the media behavior of young digital laborers on short video platforms. Finally, it concludes that the essence of minors' addiction to short videos is the unlimited exploitation of surplus value by the platforms. They actively compete for discourse power in the online world while becoming puppets of traffic in the trend of imitation and following, ultimately being trapped in an alienated childhood with abnormal growth practices.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240611

    Investigation and Research on Awareness of Rare Diseases in China

    Awareness campaigns have been a hot topic for many psychological and physical illnesses, and utilizing awareness campaigns, many donations have been gathered to help those targeted by the awareness campaign. However, rare diseases have been left out of this category, making awareness campaigns more needed than ever in this overlooked field. This paper aims to understand the current situation of the awareness of rare diseases in China through online surveys, so as to determine whether it is necessary to carry out awareness campaigns and to put forward targeted suggestions. Through this study, it can be found that only 1 in every 200 people knew the answers to one of the survey questions, meaning that only 1 in every 200 people had systematically learned about rare diseases in the past. Other academic articles were reviewed to give recommendations to those hosting awareness campaigns to improve awareness campaign results.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240612

    Research and Analysis on the Current Implementation of Real-Name System in Cyberspace

    With the advent of the digital age, human society has inevitably entered a trend of digitization. Within this context, the fundamental unit of social operation—citizens—is also inevitably becoming digitized. Citizen identity authentication and management are essential prerequisites for the orderly operation of a digital society and represent a significant challenge that digital governments need to address. There exists a close relationship between digital citizens and the current implementation of the real-name system in cyberspace. In the future, this system will not only help enhance the sense of identity for citizens in the digital realm but will also aid digital governments in better fulfilling their responsibilities to maintain order within the digital society. This research is rooted in the present and aims to analyze the current status of the real-name system in cyberspace, identify existing issues and challenges, and propose corresponding strategies and solutions.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240626

    Art Therapy in Visual Communication

    Art therapy, as a new type of psychotherapy, has attracted much attention in recent years for its application in the field of visual communication. In this paper, the application and effects of art therapy in visual communication are discussed in depth through a comprehensive literature review and case study. It is found that art therapy helps individuals explore emotions and solve psychological barriers through creative artistic expression, and can promote self-knowledge and regulate emotions. Visual communication design provides individuals with a non-verbal way of expression, which makes up for the emotional dimension that is difficult to cover with words. In addition, by presenting actual cases, this research found that art therapy has achieved significant results in problem-solving and psychological rehabilitation. Therefore, this study emphasizes the importance of art therapy in visual communication practice and provides a theoretical and practical basis for further exploration of the field.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240647

    Suggestions for Optimising the Spatial Layout of Community Sports Facilities Based on a Complete Community Perspective

    Community sports facilities are the main places for residents to carry out physical exercise in urban communities in China, and the situation of community residents' participation in fitness activities and the degree of utilization of fitness equipment are closely related to their location. Based on the GIS technology to analyze the current situation of the layout of community sports facilities in the study area, based on the policy vision of complete community construction, the problems existing in the layout of community sports facilities in the study area are dissected, and the corresponding optimization countermeasures are proposed, so as to improve the management of the community sports facilities in the study area, the rational layout, and to enhance the utilization rate of the facilities, and to provide a basis for the scientific development of community sports facilities.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240651

    Take Companion Animals as an Example to Explore the Legislative Dilemma of Animal Welfare

    By comparing the current animal protection laws and regulations at home and abroad, this paper points out the existing problems and legal gaps in China's animal protection laws and regulations, and focuses on summarizing the disputes and dilemmas in China's animal welfare legislation, namely the disputes in rights and the disputes in utilization and protection. This paper analyzes the meaning and feasibility of the theory of "abolition of use" and "limited use" in academic circles and briefly analyzes the impact of animal welfare issues on China's foreign trade and international cooperation, explains the necessity and importance of animal welfare legislation, and puts forward legal solutions with high feasibility. Then, taking companion animals as an example, combined with the previous analysis of the current situation of China's domestic law, specifically explained the disputes in the rights of companion animals and the dilemma of power empowerment, and put forward the problems in the utilization and protection of companion animals through practical examples, and finally put forward a more specific and comprehensive solution.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240669

    Analysis of the Potential Impact of the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism on China

    Excessive carbon dioxide emissions are one of the major causes of global warming. To effectively respond to global climate change, all countries are making efforts and changes in this regard. As one of the largest carbon markets in the world, the European Union (EU), to better respond to the Paris Agreement, introduced the European Green Deal and the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). The mechanism requires that high-carbon products imported into or exported from the EU pay a corresponding amount of tax or refund the corresponding carbon emission allowances. The implementation of the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), which is essentially a carbon tariff, has also had a significant impact on the Chinese market. The more carbon-intensive steel industry has been the first to be hit, affecting the competitiveness of the industry's exports in the EU to a certain extent, while also increasing compliance costs for the development of other related industries. Chinese enterprises should strengthen innovation and research, and actively introduce low-carbon technologies. At the same time, China should continue to improve its own voice and accelerate the construction of the national carbon market.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240671

    Analysis of Differences Between Chinese and American Teaching Methods

    With the competition of various countries in the world in education, to further consolidate and improve national education, China and the United States are major countries with greater influence in the world, and both countries attach great importance to student education. Due to the differences in political and economic systems and ideological and cultural aspects, there are differences in the content, path and method of education between the two countries. This paper analyzes the different educational styles of China and America. In this paper, the Chinese and American classroom forms, assessment methods and the impact of different education methods on students are mentioned respectively, and finally some suggestions are given. Educational administrators should combine the excellent educational methods of the United States from various aspects to improve education, and to improve the competitiveness of education in the world, and people should also know the shortcomings of education in other countries to cope with the future development of education in country.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240675

    The Impact of the Formation of Virtual Intimate Relationships Between Generation Z Women and Idol Drama Stars on Their Behavior in the Internet Era

    Generation Z is a young group born together with the Internet, and some scholars call them "DigitaI Natives." They are curious about everything and are willing to try new things and cultures, such as the stargazing and trendy drama culture that has emerged with the development of mobile networks. After being exposed to these new cultures can observe that there is a growing number of women who believe that they have a quasi-intimate relationship with male idol stars. At the same time, these quasi-intimate relations have begun to influence their behaviors and thoughts. This study focuses on the impact of the quasi-intimate relationship between Generation Z women and male idol drama stars on their behaviors through in-depth interviews with the help of social identity theory and doing gender theory. The discussions categorize these Generation Z women into three types: person being reinforced, conflictors, and person being trapped. Based on the study results, it was concluded that quasi-intimate relations have a tremendous and profound impact on young women who follow celebrities in many ways.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240678

    A Brief Introduction to the Problem of Difficult Enrollment in China's Compulsory Education: Current Situation, Causes and Measures

    In today's society, more parents tend to pay more attention to the situation of children receiving compulsory education, so the problem of compulsory education is becoming more and more prominent. After a series of comparative analysis of data and fact research, this paper found that the difficulty of enrollment can be divided into enrollment difficulty and entrance difficulty, and the reasons can be divided into the implementation of enrollment policies, the current situation of population mobility, parents' educational expectations and other factors. To alleviate this social situation, various subjects as the government, schools, parents and children could make changes, in order to let children have better compulsory education conditions and correct learning environment. For example, the government should focus on narrowing the gap between private and public schools, developing more reasonable talent training programs and enrollment methods, schools should implement the policies the government carries out, reduce unhealthy competition, and parents and students should focus on learning themselves rather than blindly chasing external conditions.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240680

    Between Sea and Sky: Understanding Liability for Private and Commercial Space Operations

    The legal framework for commercial space activities has been an emerging issue in recent decades. Understanding and addressing liability in space activities is crucial for the sustainable and responsible development of the commercial space industry, analogous to laying the foundation for a sturdy structure that can withstand the challenges of the ever-evolving space frontier. This article explores the concept of liability for private and commercial space launches and its importance in ensuring the safe and responsible operation of activities in space. Examining liability in lex maritima and commercial space law involves drawing parallels between the regulations governing both domains and uncovering potential opportunities for learning from existing legal frameworks. The analysis considers liability in various maritime zones, such as the territorial sea, high sea, and deep-sea bed, and draws comparisons to liability in the territory, space, and celestial body. It discusses the challenges and implications of addressing liability in space activities, including the allocation of liability, the protection of public safety, and the preservation of space as a shared resource.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240682

    Changes and Development of Teaching Patterns in Basic Education in the Network Era

    Against the backdrop of highly developed information technology in the Internet age, the shape of basic education teaching and learning has undergone systemic changes, contributing to the rise of online education and education digitization. Based on the network era's background, this paper first examines the teaching characteristics of basic education in the network era from the three perspectives of teaching time and space, teaching resources, and teaching information, including the learning mode of inter-temporal learning, massive teaching resources, and rapid updating of educational information. Subsequently, the article provides a detailed exposition of the framework for developing the pedagogical model of basic education, examining this process through the integrated lenses of teaching spaces, pedagogical agents, and instructional methodologies. Finally, three strategies for advancing and reforming teaching and learning patterns are proposed: innovation and improvement of the teaching and learning evaluation system, professional development support and training for teachers, and development and sharing of teaching and learning resources. These measures are intended to adapt basic education practices to the needs of the network era and to ensure their adaptation to the rapidly evolving digital environment.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240684

    Exploring the Awakening of Female Character Consciousness in Film Works from a Male Perspective

    This study focuses on the individual consciousness awakening of female characters created in film works by male directors and screenwriters. Through this study can discover how women's independent consciousness is reflected in the changing times, what kind of existence the female group has become from a male perspective, and how this existence has changed. This study mainly analyzes female characters in films directed by male directors in the mid to late 20th century, as well as in postmodern parts of China and the United States. From the perspective of character portrayal techniques, character traits, image, and other aspects, conduct a search and reading of relevant literature. Through research, it has been found that the awakening of female characters in film art is a profound cultural phenomenon, which not only reflects the status and rights of women in society but also demonstrates the reaction and driving role of film as an art form in social change. In summary, the awakening of female characters in movies is a constantly evolving and changing process, reflecting society's attitude and progress towards gender equality, and providing unlimited possibilities and challenges for the development of female characters in future film works.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240685

    Analysis of the Impact of Spokesperson Marketing on Brand Influence in the Context of Social Media

    With the increasingly fierce market competition, brand marketing and spokesperson marketing have become important means for enterprises to enhance competitiveness. However, how to choose the right spokesperson, formulate effective marketing strategies and avoid potential risks are important issues facing enterprises. By using the methods of literature research and case analysis, this paper deeply studies the type segmentation and operation mechanism of spokesperson marketing, and analyzes the marketing methods, effects and potential risks of spokesperson combined with specific cases. The results show that selecting the right spokesperson and formulating effective marketing strategies are important to enhance brand awareness and reputation. Enterprises need to establish a sound spokesperson management system and effect evaluation system to ensure the standardization and effectiveness of spokesperson marketing activities. At the same time, this study also takes X and W as examples to explore the huge commercial value they bring to the brand as popular artists, as well as the operation mechanism and characteristics behind them. Through in-depth analysis of the types and effects of its endorsement activities, the study found that the spokesperson played an effective role as a bridge between the brand and consumers, transmitting brand information and promoting the promotion of sales and brand image. In addition, this study also discusses the strategies and potential risks of selecting spokesmen, which provides wise decision guidance for enterprises.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240688

    Analysis Learning Motivation from Internal and External Perspectives: Recommendations Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory

    Motivation is a key factor in education, and the factors that drive it influence its direction. Therefore, understanding the determinants of motivation plays a crucial role in the educational process. Understanding the factors that affect the motivation of learning can understand the behavior and needs of students, to provide students with more effective guidance. Factors affecting learning motivations can be divided into external factors and internal factors. The external factors include schools and families, and internal factors include interest and satisfaction. Based on Maslow's demand level theory, and considering the factors that affect learning motivation, the following suggestions are put forward: First, create a safe and stable campus environment to ensure students' safety. Secondly, to cultivate students' sense of collective belonging, parents need to maintain good family relationships. Furthermore, respecting and encouraging students to bravely express their ideas helps to maintain their interest in learning. Finally, guide students to further realize personal value through learning, and get satisfaction from it, thereby improving their interest in learning.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240690

    Analysis of Immersion and Flow in Cozy Games --Take Journey and Gris as Examples

    Flow and immersion are essential criteria for evaluating a game's design quality. In recent years, with the development of society, the design and thinking of games have changed in line with the trend of The Times. People are increasingly seeking ways to release pressure from work and life pressure. Besides battle games creating excitement, cozy games have received more attention from the public. This thesis analyzes the relevant literature to summarize the internal relationship between flow, immersion, and cozy game design and takes the two cozy games, Gris and Journey, as examples. The visuals, the game soundtrack, and the narratology of the two games will be analyzed to prove the excellence of their design and how to make players get a good flow immersion experience. This thesis finds that cozy games, compared to extreme games, prioritize enhancing players' spiritual well-being, and most of these games pay more attention to exploring social issues and the beauty of life. Finally, this thesis will refer to game addiction and how game designers will rethink game design in the future.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-03-04 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/39/20240695

    Historical Echoes in Contemporary Diplomacy: Analyzing Xi Jinping Administration’s Policy Toward Taiwan Within the Framework of China’s “Century of Humiliation”

    This paper investigates the complex interplay between historical narratives and contemporary foreign policy, with a particular focus on China under Xi Jinping’s leadership. It is structured into several sections, each delving into different aspects of this relationship. Section II integrates IR and history, discussing presentism and contextualism methodologies. Section III examines the “Century of Humiliation” (CH) narrative promoted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its impact on China’s national identity and foreign policy. It explores how this period, marked by foreign invasions and loss of territories, influences China’s current assertive stance on sovereignty and territorial integrity. Section IV focuses on the rise of “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy during Xi Jinping’s tenure, highlighting a shift in Chinese foreign policy towards a more assertive and aggressive approach, fueled by a revived nationalistic sentiment. Section V uses Taiwan as a case study to illustrate the impact of the CH narrative on Xi Jinping’s foreign policy, including the triangular dynamics of U.S.-PRC-Taiwan relations. In conclusion, the paper underscores the significant influence of historical consciousness in shaping China’s foreign policy.

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