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    Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Social Psychology and Humanity Studies

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    Kurt Buhring, Saint Mary's College


  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240571

    The Specific Impact of Environmental Regulations on the Comparative Advantage of Resource-Based Industries

    With the increasing emphasis on global environmental issues and the deepening of the concept of sustainable development, the application and impact of environmental regulation are becoming increasingly prominent. Especially for pollution-intensive products, the impact of environmental regulation on the import and export trade of different pollution-intensive products is subject to various factors. The impact of environmental regulation on different resource-based industries still needs a lot of research. Through the method of literature analysis, this paper integrates the literature on the impact of environmental regulation on resource-based industries and concludes that the overall impact of environmental regulation on resource-based industries is positive and significant. For the paper and pulp industry, both exogenous and endogenous environmental regulations have enhanced its comparative advantage. For the non-ferrous metal and non-metallic mineral industry, environmental regulation can promote its technological progress and gain comparative advantage.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240574

    A Study on Ambiguity of Chinese “De”-Construction Based on the Qualia Role

    In modern Chinese, “De”(的)-Construction is widely used, and the “NP1+的+NP2” structure often leads to ambiguity. According to the theory of qualia structure, analyzing the qualia roles of nouns can explain the causes and semantics behind the ambiguity formation. The activation of implicit predicates is used to differentiate semantics. As some nouns can also function as verbs, a multifaceted structure, “NP1/VP+的+NP2,” is created. Moreover, for “de”(的)-construction where the qualia roles of nouns are the same, the interpretative power is evidently compromised. This phenomenon is related to cultural background, pragmatic communication, and other factors, causing the extension and expansion of semantic connotations in the “de”(的)-construction. Therefore, the generation of ambiguity is unrelated to the qualia roles of noun materials.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240575

    An Exploration of the Artistic Scene Design of Traditional Music

    Traditional music records the development and changes of various local historical periods with the "symbols" of music, which is an important driving force to enhance cultural self-confidence and self-improvement in the new era, and also an important content to continuously satisfy people's spiritual needs. The cultivation of new art scene has become an important engine for the development of traditional music. Taking Poyang Fishing Song as an example, this paper, based on the scene theory and the basic connotation, artistic value and contemporary development characteristics of Poyang Fishing Song, puts forward the construction of a matching art scene design programme with scene design, performance form and choreography effect as the core elements, so as to provide theoretical support and ideas for the realization of the connotative development of Poyang Fishing Song.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240577

    The Problems and Solutions for Chinese Basketball Association

    Under the background of the slow and lack of development of Chinese basketball, Chinese basketball fans are so desperate to get better performances in national games like the Olympics. Now, the Chinese National Basketball Team (National Team in the later content) is only ranking 4th in Asia and 28th in the world. Almost all players in the National Team are selected by the league called Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), which is the finest and most well-known basketball league in China, and also is the first choice for most professional Chinese basketball players. Although it is the finest basketball league in China, there are still various problems existing. These problems have a strong and negative effect on the National Team. So this paper mainly points out three problems now existing in CBA: (1) the influx of talented players is not enough, (2) the problems of referees and players, and (3) lack of humanistic concerns. Then, give out the solutions of making policies, setting up players’ associations, organizing more competitions, considering social problems, and helping more poor children with basketball dreams.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240579

    The Methods of Function and Space Design in Young People's Mental Health Center under the Concept of “Autonomy”

    Based on developmental psychology, young patients (12-25 years old) should be encouraged to exercise self-determination and self-exploration through spatial design for the enhancement of intrinsic motivation, to realize self-awareness, and rebuild social relationships during long-term self-regulation, and to increase participation and effectiveness in psychotherapy. Considering the unique developmental stages of young people, the feasibility of person-centered care and peer support services in the therapeutic model is analyzed, proposing that spontaneous partnerships and respect for patients' unconscious behaviors are essential for achieving autonomy. Emphasizing that patients should be guided naturally rather than coercively through spatial design; the ambiguity of the space requires reasonable control; the functional area should have differential settings by the type of place that requires different sensory stimulation levels; the transition from private space to semi-private space to public space should also be well-organized through visual connection, waiting areas, and the chance to withdraw from the therapies.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240584

    The Influence of the Instability Factors of Influencer Marketing on Brand Marketing -- Based on the Analysis of Florasis's Influencer Marketing Event

    This study explores the impact of the instability of influencer marketing on brand marketing in the context of China's mobile Internet boom. With over 1.08 billion mobile Internet users, social platforms like TikTok have emerged as significant e-commerce channels. Influencer marketing, driven by influencers, plays a crucial role in connecting with targeted consumers. The research focused on the theme "The Influence of the Instability of Influencer Marketing on Brand Marketing," utilizes qualitative methods, particularly the process tracking method in case studies. The chosen case for analysis is the Florasis influencer marketing event. The study combines relevant theories, agenda-setting, opinion leaders, and the SOR model of consumption to investigate instability factors and their impact on brand marketing. Instability factors are classified into subjective factors of the influencer, packaging by the influencer’s team, and three characteristics of the influencer. The analysis identifies causes and influencing factors contributing to the instability of influencer marketing. The study concludes that the instability of these live streams poses risks and impacts on brand marketing, emphasizing the need for corresponding countermeasures in brand marketing strategies and collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders(KOLs).

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240585

    Research on the Stimulating Points of IP Cross-domain Marketing to Consumers: A Case Study of the Genshin Impact

    In recent years, to obtain greater benefits, game companies are keen to make their game IP linkage. However, in reality, many game companies have not achieved ideal results after cross-domain marketing. This paper, from the perspective of consumers, uses the questionnaire survey method and takes the Genshin Impact IP as an example to explore the stimulating points of IP cross-domain marketing to consumers. The purpose is to give some suggestions to the companies affiliated with Genshin Impact and other game companies when they carry out linkage activities in the future. The results show that consumers participate in the linkage because they are attracted by the linkage game itself, linkage prizes, and linkage roles. According to the collected questionnaire samples, this paper also found that although the Genshin Impact has cross-border linkage with brands in many fields, people's participation is not high. In addition, only a few types of linkage, such as catering linkage, can obtain high participation. In this regard, this paper gives relevant suggestions: game companies should reduce the number of linkages and reduce the frequency of linkage; both parties should seriously treat each linkage activity; game companies should seriously consider the linkage objects; linkage brands and prices should be close to the lives of consumers.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240587

    Bridging the Digital Divide in Mental Health: An Innovation Diffusion-Based Framework for Advancing Digital Literacy among Professionals

    The heightened prominence of digital literacy, as emphasized in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), signifies a collective effort to address the pressing need for reducing the digital divide. Digital literacy involves adept utilization of information and communication technologies, encompassing both technical expertise and cognitive skills. This research focuses on identifying optimal conceptual approaches and measurement standards for digital literacy, concurrently developing an evidence-based tool to elucidate the essential digital literacy prerequisites for mental health professionals advocating mobile mental health applications. The study draws theoretical inspiration from the Innovation Diffusion Theory (IDT), guiding the formulation of a foundational framework for digital literacy prerequisites among mental health professionals and the strategic crafting of diffusion strategies. The methodological approach entails a meticulous literature review, with a specific emphasis on the Google Scholar database, to identify best practices for evaluating digital literacy among mental health professionals. Four frameworks were deliberately chosen for comprehensive analysis, unraveling associated methodologies and measurement standards. The insights derived from this analysis inform the development of an evaluation framework aligned with the five stages of the Innovation Diffusion Theory: awareness, interest, evaluation, trial, and adoption. The G20 Digital Literacy simplified model, among the selected frameworks, serves as the cornerstone for the developed evaluation framework. This model intricately delineates the digital literacy and competencies required for mental health professionals at various stages of endorsing mobile mental health applications. Importantly, it adopts a professional-centric model, deviating from conventional approaches, providing a unique perspective on the pivotal role professionals play in propagating and endorsing digital applications.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240589

    Nishida Kitaro and Japan’s Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

    No one shaped modern Japanese philosophy as significantly as did Nishida Kitaro, a prominent scholar at Kyoto Imperial University and the author of An Inquiry into the Good. He pioneered the Kyoto School of Japanese philosophy, which combined Western and Eastern thoughts, traditions, and religions to reach a new understanding of the world. Not usually seen as a political figure, Nishida penned a controversial essay in 1943, two years before his death, titled “The Principle of the New World Order.” The essay was intended for Prime Minister Tojo Hideki's use at the 1943 Greater East Asia Conference in Tokyo, where leaders from East and Southeast Asian countries under the rule of Japanese imperialism discussed future visions for the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, Japan's ostensible war cause. Nishida opposed the militarist government and its oppressive policies at home and abroad, but he hoped to influence its policy through his philosophical writing as Japan's defeat loomed larger than ever. The tense political atmosphere in wartime Japan and Nishida's vision of the world, which was characterized by the harmonious coexistence of the individual and the collective, turned “The Principle of the New World Order” into a text full of contradictions—the greatest among them being his uncritical use of Hakko Ichiu (Eight Corners of the World under One Roof), a politico-religious jargon to justify the supreme rule of the Japanese emperor. After WWII, Nishida was posthumously criticized for cooperating with the military government by writing that essay, but a close examination of the text, its historical context, and other works by Nishida reveal that the lone Japanese philosopher was trying to steer Japan's Pan-Asian policy from within, an attempt that was doomed to fail when the government was mobilizing intellectuals for its imperial goals. By focusing on the case of Nishida, this article uncovers the complex dynamic between the Japanese empire and Japanese intellectuals who tried to voice their views different than the government's.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240590

    Research on Microfilm Creation and Practice

    In the information age, with the continuous development of new media technology, microfilm, as an emerging cultural form, has been rapidly developed. It provides a new experience in a short time, a highly concentrated story, wonderful lens language and visual impact. Compared with traditional films, microfilms have the characteristics of small investment, short cycle and fast communication, which have better communication effects when combined with emerging media. But there are in the process of development such as, product quality is uneven, market spread lack of standardized management, so this paper takes microfilm creation and practice as the main research object, combines microfilm production with marketization and other realistic factors, such as summarizes its development situation, at the same time, points out the shortcomings of the current microfilm creation and practice, and puts forward some suggestions that the creators should further improve the level of work and the quality of work, deepen the reform of policy and market specification, etc.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240591

    The End of the Theory of Expectation Possibility in Criminal Law

    The expectation possibility theory of criminal law is one of the important theories in the field of criminal responsibility, which focuses on whether the perpetrator has the possibility of avoiding the illegal act when committing the crime. This paper attempts to find the fate of the theory in China's criminal law through the discussion of the historical development of the theory of expected possibility, its relationship with China's criminal liability, its introduction analysis, and the analysis of the reasons for exemption from liability beyond the law.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240593

    Game Theory Analysis of Algebraic Content Selection in Middle School Mathematics Curricula

    The algebra section of middle school math textbooks is indispensable. The characteristics of the textbook and the rationality of its elements need to be algebra content of middle school math textbooks mainly consists of algebraic formulas, equations and inequalities, functions and other elements. This paper focuses on modeling the analysis based on game theory and then exploring the rationality of the algebra textbook study is conducted by reviewing the literature and constructing an analytical model based on cooperative game and Nash equilibrium theory. It is obtained that in the strategy where all three elements are used at the same time, the one that focuses on the orchestration function can maximize the reorganization of unit algebra content design is needed to achieve rational weighting of individual algebra selection of elements needs to fully reflect the articulation between the individual algebra elements. Algebraic elements are designed to spiral in difficulty to match the needs of teachers and students using them.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240597

    Restricted Child Development: Child Labor from an Economic and Educational Perspective

    The growth and well-being of children is a pressing global concern, and child labor remains a significant issue. Past research has highlighted the detrimental impact of child labor on physical, cognitive, and social development, due in part to the absence of positive social norms and values in these work environments. This situation is particularly concerning in light of the long-term implications for the future generations, as children who grow up working are often unable to receive a proper education or develop the necessary skills for successful adulthood. Therefore, taking the necessary measures to reduce child labor is crucial. This paper utilizes Merton's anomie theory to explain child labor, highlights the hazards of child labor on child development, discusses the relationship between education, economy, and child labor. The conclusions of this paper provide useful theoretical references and relevant recommendations for the formulation of relevant child protection policies and the help of anarchic organizations to implement them in different regions.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240600

    The Conceive of Community Marketing to Activate the Chinese Hip-hop Music Market: The Case of the Woken Day Label

    Currently, the academic research in China mainly focuses on the cultural connotations and dissemination of hip-hop music and hip-hop culture. The research on the marketing value and strategies management of the large and cohesive fan community of hip-hop music is not the majority, and even the marketing activities of the entire Chinese hip-hop music market are not very active. Against this background, to investigate the superiority and feasibility of community marketing in the hip-hop music market, this study utilizes the research method of case analysis. By examining the building and growth of the existing Chinese hip-hop music community, this paper find that community marketing is of great significance for the hip-hop artists and labels, effectively expanding public opinion influence and market reputation while engaging in positive interaction with fans. In the end, this study fulfills the research objective of assisting hip-hop artists and labels in formulating new marketing strategies, thereby providing reference for marketing research in the subculture field.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240601

    Integrated Marketing Logic, Dilemma and Response in E-commerce: The Case of Three Squirrels

    The e-commerce sector is developing rapidly, a Chinese snack brand called Three Squirrels has become one of the best known brands after fierce competition. This paper explores the reasons for the success of Three Squirrels, and also selects the cases of Bai Caowei, Lai Yifen, which are two similar e-commerce brands in China, to compare with it. Ultimately, this paper founds that the reasons for the success of three squirrels is the use of the use of sound integrated marketing strategies and the focus on areas of lower attention. In the areas of lower attention, Three Squirrels explores consumers' consumption patterns and life concepts, and based on these proposes a new life concept of slow food and fast life. In addition, Three Squirrels' effective integrated marketing strategies, which includes focusing on product quality, strengthening brand image, utilising social media marketing channels, etc. Its success is inextricably linked to these factors, and it can provide other brands with new marketing concepts.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240602

    The Role of the Non-State Actor in Sino-American Relations: An Analysis Based on the Rockefeller Foundation and the Peking Union Medical College

    Founded in 1913, the Rockefeller Foundation has played a major role in US cultural diplomacy. The RF has implemented various philanthropic programs to export a perception of “American values”, including freedom and democracy, with the aim of eliminating local vigilance and misunderstanding, improving its international reputation, and advancing US foreign policy. In particular, the RF has made significant investments in China. From 1909 to 1949, the RF consistently invested in the medicine, health, culture and education of China. The RF exerted an incalculable influence on China’s modernization for half a century. One of its most significant and influential investments was the establishment of the Peking Union Medical College (PUMC). Accordingly, this essay seeks to analyse the RF’s largest overseas investment, the establishment of the Peking Union Medical College, to evaluate its specific practices and influence, as well as to explore the role of the RF in Sino-American relations and America’s overseas expansion.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240604

    Feminist Voices in Boy’s Love Literature: Subverting Gender Norms and Empowering Women

    Boy’s Love (BL) literature is a creative genre that has become popular online in the past 20 years. It mainly describes the emotional life of homosexuals, especially gay men. It is an important and controversial part of the Internet subculture active among young people. However, contrary to its content, the creators behind BL literature are often non-gay young women. Women create and appreciate BL novels through the Internet to express their demands for aesthetics, pure love, and equality. This kind of gender writing that breaks tradition has a bright spot of feminism, and though this may take a long time, it can help create a more friendly living space for women in a patriarchal society. This article analyzes female writers' subversion of male images in BL novels, thereby proving that BL culture satisfies women's demands for a more profound social status and equal rights and contributes to breaking the patriarchal society.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240605

    Identification of the Disseminator in a Case of Fundraising Fraud

    With the high development of the virtual world, more and more fund-raising fraud crimes are spread through the Internet, and in the process of fund-raising fraud, the role of the communicator is not insignificant, and if all the communicators do not bear criminal responsibility, it will pose a great threat to the market financial order and the legitimate rights and interests of investors. By characterizing the behavior of the disseminator of fundraising fraud through the method of class analysis, its criminal liability can be clarified.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240613

    The Psychological Development of Children Affected by Domestic Violence: An Examination via the Lenses of Resilience and Cognitive Development

    Domestic violence, or DV, is a significant socioeconomic problem. Children, being the primary recipients of domestic violence, can experience its effects via either direct or indirect means. Directly, domestic violence can cause emotional problems and attention biases in children themselves. DV can also affect the mental health development of children by affecting the psychological condition of the mother. The emotional, psychological, and cognitive development of children can be adversely affected by domestic abuse. And in the long term these effects may persist into old age, causing irreversible damage to individual development, such as emotional issues and attention bias. This study aims to provide a comprehensive description and analysis of domestic violence and traumatic childhood experiences, focusing on their profound influence on the psychological development of children in both the immediate and prolonged periods. Finally, some recommendations for responding to domestic violence of which children are victims. The present study suggests that teenagers can be influenced by DV starts with the children themselves and their families, and that negative effect of DV on children's development will only be reduced by addressing domestic violence at its source.

  • Open Access | Article 2024-01-15 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/38/20240617

    Digital Utopia: An Analysis of Contemporary Slow-Paced Community Games --The Case of Obi Island

    With the development of society, slow-paced community games are becoming more and more popular. This paper will take the players of the slow-paced community game Obi Island as the research object, the research method combines case analysis with network participatory observation, mainly discussing the causes and marketing models of the popularity of the slow-paced community game represented by this game in modern society, and put forward directions and suggestions for the future development of such games. This paper analyzes the behavioral feelings of players in Obi Island from the perspectives of nostalgia, liquid society, media nostalgia, etc., introduces and analyzes the emotional value brought by such games from multiple perspectives, as well as their influence and connotation, in an attempt to provide ideas for the future development direction of such games and conduct self-optimization. The research finds that the essence of "Obi Island" is to construct a nostalgic utopia of good times to resist anxiety for emotionally disturbed players, and players should not be overly addicted to this virtual fantasy in the current society. Therefore, game manufacturers should change their attitude toward the game, not only to innovate and try within the framework of the concept of the game but also to actively take responsibility to guide players to face reality correctly. Nostalgia is not the ultimate goal, nor is it an escape from reality. The healing power obtained from nostalgia utopia is the driving force for progress in reality.

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