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    Proceedings of the International Conference on Global Politics and Socio-Humanities

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    Javier Cifuentes-Faura, University of Murcia

    Enrique Mallen, Sam Houston State University


  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230010

    Research on the Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War on the United States

    The article is set against the backdrop of today’s Russo-Ukrainian war and focuses on the multiple ways in which the continuity of the US as a country that commands but does not participate in the war can affect the country. Since the invasion, the US has led the way in providing Ukraine with military equipment and training, economic aid, near-total diplomatic support checks, intelligence used to deter Russian attacks, and threats of dire consequences if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Even before Russian troops crossed the border, the US and many of its allies were working to mobilize a potential diplomatic coalition against Moscow’s predatory and ambitious military by warning Russia of the range of potential sanctions it could incur, and strengthening Ukraine’s military forces. The article, sourced through a Google search and Google Scholar, is based on the American people’s perception of war and its economic and political impact on the United States after the World War Ⅰ.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230014

    Thresholds and Adaptation Pathways of Nature-based Solutions for Sea-level Rise

    Nature-based solutions serve as flexible, multi-functional, and adaptable actions aimed at promoting human well-being and socioeconomic benefits from climate risks by restoring natural ecosystem structures and functions. Due to uncertainties such as the magnitude/rate of sea-level rise (SLR), social politics, economic investment, etc., those strategies might be unfeasible and reach the tipping points of socio-ecological performance. The design of dynamic adaptation pathways contains a broad suite of actions that should be adopted in different SLR scenarios based on each method's thresholds to better manage uncertainty. The research question is, how to know the thresholds of nature-based strategies and create pathways to preserve multiple options in an uncertain future? To facilitate it, the paper defines the metrics to assess nature-based solutions’ performance under SLR and unpack the thresholds of each strategy based on case study analysis of the US, to design adaptation pathways over time. Results indicated that the feasible combination of nature-based strategies/pathways could bring more socio-ecological benefits. The number of adaptation options/pathways would decline with the extreme SLR, which shows coastal adaptation needs to start earlier than expected. These findings explore alternative sequences of decisions and illuminate the paths of alternative strategies to better adapt to SLR.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230030

    Legal Countermeasures for China’s “Dual Carbon” Goals in the Post-pandemic

    Under COVID-19, the economy of global has been seriously damaged. As the pandemic becomes stable, the world enters the post-pandemic. As a result, all nations now consider economic development to be of the utmost importance. However, since resource depletion and environmental degradation are inevitable, achieving better coordination between economic and environmental development is a crucial issue. This study summarises the benefits and drawbacks of this strategy from a legal standpoint by comprehending China’s “dual carbon” goals development. It puts forward practical and effective solutions to improve China’s legal system, which is in the field of environment and energy. Finally, finds a legal path that is suitable to China’s national conditions, thereby providing a theoretical basis for the realization of China’s “dual carbon” goals, and promoting the efficient and sustainable development of China’s economy.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230035

    The Perils of Parliamentarism in Contrast to Presidentialism in Democratic Transition

    The paper raised some doubts on a few academic literature’s arguments that Parliamentarism is better than Presidentialism for new democracies in the transitional period. It instead found that parliamentarism could also lead to critical perils to democratic transition, at least in some particular political situations, like increasing the instability of the government, encouraging political speculation and polarization, and allowing ruling parties to self-benefit from the manipulated electoral system. Instead, presidentialism could be conducive to addressing these perils of parliamentarism and enable a more robust, stable, and successful transition from authoritarianism to democracy for many countries. This paper took examples of presidentialism in Philippine and Taiwan. Compared with presidentialism, parliamentarism has several key weaknesses. They include government instability under minority rule, polarization in countries with enormous social cleavages, encouraging politicians to pursue political speculation and defect their electorates, and the likelihood of electoral system maneuver by ruling parties. Thus, for new democracies, presidentialism may perform better than parliamentarism, at least on some occasions.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230037

    A Comparative Study of Content Originality and Plagiarism in Teaching Game Short Video: Based on Users’ Usage in Douyin and Kuaishou

    In the contemporary era, with the growing popularity of short videos encompassing educational gaming content, individuals have exhibited an increasing inclination toward consuming creative and original video content. However, a concomitant rise in the prevalence of video plagiarism has hindered the effective resolution of this issue. The present study aims to investigate whether substantial disparities exist in user engagement patterns between original videos and copied videos. Employing a diverse selection of materials sourced from the two major short video platforms, Douyin and Kuaishou, this study meticulously analyzed various metrics including likes, comments, collection, and transmission volumes. Additionally, the study examined the influence of other pertinent factors. The research findings unequivocally indicate the presence of significant disparities between original videos and copied videos. This comprehensive analysis delves into the dissimilarities observed in the utilization patterns of basic users to offer valuable insights to researchers and practitioners involved in the study of originality and plagiarism within this domain.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230043

    Research on the Requirements and Functions of Mobile Applications for Tourism among Disabled Individuals in China

    There is a large number of disabled people, and the number of disabled people will continue to grow in the future. With the booming development of the tourism industry, the demand for travel by disabled people is also increasing, but the travel experience of most disabled people is ignored. Developers of tourism mobile applications pay little attention to the travel needs of disabled people. Due to the lack of attention to this group, there is great room for improvement in the travel experience of disabled people. This article focuses on the needs of Chinese disabled people for mobile applications for tourism. Through user interviews and semantic analysis, this group’s needs for application functions are studied. Then, through a questionnaire survey based on the Kano model, the priority of application functions is analyzed. This study believes that the psychological needs of disabled people to be respected should be the top priority, followed by the needs for affordability, safe travel, and convenient access to information, and finally, social needs.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230046

    Addressing Public Interest Violation Through Independent Anti-Corruption Bodies -A Case Study of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission in South Korea

    South Korea is a young, experimental democracy with a relatively effective government, often praised as a model of state-led economic development. Although civil liberties have been bolstered since the successful transition from an authoritarian state to a consolidated democracy, corruption remains a persistent concern as hierarchical and authoritarian thinking are profoundly ingrained in society. Since the 1997 Asian economic crisis spurred the emergence of a liberal consensus on government corruption, diverse public institutions and civil society organizations have been actively involved in the fight for transparency and accountability. The creation of an independent anti-corruption agency, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC), sent a strong message that the government is committed to preventing abuse of power and preserving the public interest. This paper aims to identify and understand the driving factors that led to the committee’s success in bringing transparency and accountability to the South Korean public sector, so that it may be replicated in other countries. It takes a descriptive approach to examine the strengths and weaknesses of ACRC and analyze its impact through various indirect indicators. The study reveals that the ACRC’s all-encompassing strategy for anti-corruption reform has improved the level of integrity and public awareness. However, its autonomy and power are still called into question, suggesting future improvements are needed to realize its full potential, thereby bringing about more profound changes.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230050

    Gender Inequality in the Digital Field and Potential Remedial Measures

    This paper examines the phenomenon of gender inequality in digital spaces and explores potential remedial measures. Through an analysis of historical cases of online discrimination, gendered experiences on the internet, and current landscape of discriminatory behavior, it is clear that women are frequently exposed to cyber bullying and other forms of abuse. Strategies for promoting gender equity in digital spaces include self-regulation, education and awareness, state legislation, and industry practices. Surveillance capitalism’s impact on gender equity is also discussed, as data collected through this practice can be used to profile individuals based on their gender identity or sexuality. The paper concludes by stating that research into the efficacy of self-regulation, education and awareness approaches as well as state legislation in shielding women from online discrimination is necessary. Additionally, industry practices targeting those who battle discrimination should be further investigated. By utilizing such methods, one can move towards an equitable digital space where all individuals are respected regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230054

    Research on China’s Three-Child Policy and Gender Equality

    Population issues have always been fundamental to a country’s economic development. Chinese In May 2021, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee proposed to implement the policy that a couple can have three children and supporting measures, marking a new stage in the development of Chinese. However, from the available data, after the implementation of the three-child birth policy, the effect is minimal. Through comparative analysis, this paper explores women’s attitudes towards fertility in the two periods before the implementation of the family planning policy and after the implementation of the three-child policy, and analyzes the deep-seated reasons for this difference in attitudes, including the improvement of women’s education level, the improvement of China’s urbanization development level, and the pursuit of gender equality by Chinese women.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230055

    A Study on the Current Situation of Education of Rural Children with Serious Illnesses Who Go to the City for Medical Treatment ——A Case Study of WuJiaNong in Hefei City

    This study analyzes the current situation of family education and school education of special children with major illnesses such as leukemia and malignant tumor who travel to the city specifically for medical treatment in rural areas, taking WujiaNong in Hefei as an example. After understanding the economic pressure, mental pressure, and social support of these special groups, and taking into account the situation of local voluntary organizations, the current situation of family education and schooling of children with leukemia in WuJiaNong, Hefei City is clarified, and the causes of their education problems are analyzed in the light of various factors, to draw the attention of the society and improve the current situation of the lack of family education and schooling of children with major diseases in rural areas.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230059

    The Collapse of Democracy in Chile

    The study of the de-democratization occurring in emerging democracies is one of the key research topics in comparative political science. Some scholars have found that the breakdown of democracy is related to some social structural factors. For example, the inequality of economic development, the degree of political fragmentation of the electorate, and the political institutional arrangements of democracies. Other scholars argue that the collapse of democracy is the result of the actions and choices of political elites. In order to preserve their wealth and status, political elites formed powerful coalitions to undermine democracies, which led to the reversal of democracy into authoritarian regime. Yet there is no single explanation for Chile's democratic collapse. Therefore, this study reviews the literature on the theory of democratic collapse, and analyzes the causes of the democratic collapse in Chile by combining the economic and social conditions of Chile in 1973. The research finds that Chile's democratic collapse is the result of a combination of elite revolt behavior and centrifugal political institutional arrangements. The intense class conflict violates the interests of the political elite and causes the political elite to rebel. At the same time, the centrifugal arrangement of the political system has left the state and the government lacking the ability to effectively counter the revolt behavior of the political elite.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230060

    The Aesthetics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

    This article mainly discusses the current development situation of the intelligent era, and the comparison between the beauty of the intelligent era and the beauty at the traditional degree. It discusses whether the beauty created by artificial intelligence and other high-tech means is meaningful in the intelligent era. It will be discussed from three aspects: first, the development of intelligent robots and their relationship with aesthetics; second, taking 4D holographic projection as an example, this section will introduce the better display aesthetics of modern high-tech skills, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this product; third, it will introduce virtual digital people, especially virtual idols, taking Luo Tianyi and Liu Yexi as examples.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230078

    Exploring the Role of Duma in the Power Structure of Contemporary Russia

    The state of Russian politics has always attracted the attention of many scholars, especially the unique authoritarian system of Russia, which maintains a democratic framework, and the role of the Duma in this is a natural focus of scholarly research. The Duma, the legislative body of the Russian Empire since 1905, reappeared after the collapse of the Soviet Union and assumed the role of the post-Soviet transition, as well as the Putin era. This study researches the question that what the role of the Duma plays in the power structure of the contemporary Russian regime. In terms of the significance of the study, it is important to understand the dynamics of the institution’s role in Russia’s political system, as it is vital to contribute to academic research and to improve and assist political practice. Regarding the research methodology, a systematic review of the relevant academic literature was conducted using the “Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses” (PRISMA) guideline and a review of the latest decade of academic literature was sought to refine this study. Finally, this study concludes that the role of the Duma is dual and functional, due to its role in promoting authoritarianism as well as in maintaining democratic power structures, and its constructive role in foreign policy.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230080

    Research on the Retaliation System in the WTO's Dispute Settlement Mechanism

    When conducting trade activities, due to the needs of countries' national interests or due to the general international context, it is inevitable that some acts will be used to disrupt the balance of world trade transactions, thus causing conflicts between two or more nations. If a dispute arises under the framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement, one party will be deemed to be in breach of the WTO agreement, and the injured party will resort to the WTO Dispute Settlement Body(DSB), and if the "losing party" does not fulfill the agreement, then the "winning party" will request the WTO Dispute Settlement Body to retaliate against it. If the "losing party" does not fulfill the agreement, then the "winning party" will request the DSB to authorize retaliation against it, to stop the behavior of the defaulting party and get certain compensation. Therefore, the retaliation system of the WTO dispute settlement mechanism is of great significance to maintaining the international economic order. The establishment of this system is of great practical significance for resolving disputes between disputing parties and achieving the rebalancing of the international economic order. However, along with the continuous occurrence of various dispute cases, and in the increasingly frequent use of the WTO panel members, member states and academics have gradually recognized certain shortcomings of the retaliation system, resulting in this system for certain violations of the agreement, often helpless. In this regard, all countries have improved the retaliation system under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism from their own or overall interests. This paper discusses the shortcomings of the retaliation system in the WTO dispute settlement mechanism and then makes some suggestions on how to modify and improve it.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230082

    Research on the Results of Chinese Women’s Overseas Higher Education from the Perspective of Educational Equity: An Analysis of Employment Status among Returnees

    Currently, Chinese women returnees receive preferential treatment in the job market due to their overseas educational background, but they also face inequalities. While there is considerable research on equity of higher education opportunities and processes, there is a lack of studies analyzing the equity of higher education results, specifically the employment situation of Chinese women returnees, from a gender perspective. This paper reveals the existing inequalities in the employment of women returnees in China, including disadvantages in domestic job hunting, inadequate utilization of professional skills in the workplace, and low level of career self-fulfillment. These issues are primarily associated with traditional gender role perceptions in China, the symbolical capital molded by enterprises, and gender stereotypes in the workplace. The paper suggests that addressing the employment issues of women returnees requires the establishment of a subsidy system by the government for employing organizations and increased regulatory efforts. Furthermore, employing organizations should objectively evaluate the overseas educational background of women returnees. Lastly, the government and enterprises can change stereotypes through correct public opinion and appropriate management. This study takes a gender perspective and focuses on women returnees as the research subjects, making positive explorations towards achieving equity in the results of higher education for women returnees and promoting their fair development in the job market.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230093

    A Review of the Mechanism of the Influencer

    Opportunities for marketing innovation have emerged in the new media era as a result of the fast diversification of social media platforms and the power of social media influencers. Influencer marketing, which includes user-generated content, multi-agent information distribution guided by social media influencers, and the expansion of influencers' advocacy and endorsement of goods and services, has its roots on social media platforms. The majority of recent studies on influencer marketing concentrate on specific influencers and followers. On the basis of the source credibility model, cognitive consistency theory, matching hypothesis, trust transfer theory, meaning transfer theory, etc., it investigates the influence processes of influencers on specific followers. The main topics of the current studies on the influencer marketing mechanism are the interactions between influencers and businesses or products, and the relationships between influencers and customers. By reviewing the latest developments in current research, this study sorts out and analyzes the mechanism of influencer marketing and interprets how influencers influence followers' behavior from the perspectives of sociology and psychology.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230102

    How Chinese Short Video News Cover Russia-Ukraine Conflict: A Case Study of Pengpai’s Douyin Account

    Since February 2022, the situation in Russia and Ukraine has changed dramatically, with the outbreak of an armed conflict on a scale that has attracted widespread international attention. As a representative of China’s mainstream media biased towards internationalization, Pengpai is naturally extremely concerned about the Russia-Ukraine conflict. To capture attention on the development of Chinese mainstream media and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the author adopted a content analysis approach to analyze how Chinese mainstream media, Pengpai, published news about the Russia-Ukraine conflict on Douyin and summarize some of the Pengpai reports (N=64). Overall, the research finds that by referencing more Chinese citation sources, particularly the news media, Pengpai demonstrates its professionalism. At the same time, the analysis reveals that Pengpai’s tendency to report on the Russia-Ukraine conflict is in line with the Chinese government’s attitude, with a neutral stance and calls for peace as well as putting people first.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230103

    Resilient Design of Urban Parks in the Context of Public Safety Incidents

    The resilient design of urban parks in the context of public safety incidents is an important topic concerning both urban and public safety. This research, from a resilience perspective, explores the design of urban parks under the backdrop of public safety incidents. It analyzes the problems faced by urban parks in terms of social, natural, and engineering aspects, and proposes four phases—prevention, early warning, emergency response, and post-disaster recovery—emphasizing the elements of each phase. Moreover, a resilient design strategy is put forth: “social—adaptive and versatile, embracing community sharing; ecological—balancing soft and hard elements, overcoming challenges with resilience; engineering—building a foundation for disaster prevention, intelligent early warning.” This strategy aims to enhance the resilience of parks, making them a crucial support for urban stability and public safety, while also providing valuable references for future urban planning and design.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230105

    Prevailing ‘Negative Communities’ Online: Algorithmic Influence and User Self-awareness

    In recent years, the proliferation of short videos imbued with negative sentiment on TikTok has elicited widespread societal attention. This paper investigates the dissemination of negative emotional content on the social media platform TikTok. Specifically, this paper analyzes user data from several short video platforms, including TikTok, and finds that users aged 18-35 constitute the primary audience for short video content. Amid the propagation of negative emotions, this paper proposes the research hypothesis of a “negative community.” It conducts an in-depth exploration of the following queries: 1) Is the algorithm of TikTok complicit in the spread of negative sentiment? 2) Has this dissemination cultivated unique cultural communication attributes, coalescing into a community-based audience? Moreover, 3) In forming and proliferating negative sentiment, which plays a more significant role— the algorithm or the user.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-11-20 Doi: 10.54254/2753-7048/21/20230108

    Examining Public Perceptions of Algorithm Transparency: An Empirical Analysis

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of the digital age, algorithms have become pivotal components of various systems, influencing the information and content consumers encounter. This empirical analysis delves into algorithm transparency’s intricate relationship and implications for consumer perception, trust, and behavioral intention. Given the prevalence of algorithms in shaping the digital media and consumption landscape, comprehending the public’s opinions and comprehension of algorithm transparency has gained paramount significance. Preliminary findings from this research spotlight the pivotal role of algorithm transparency in molding consumer trust and decision-making processes. As consumers increasingly interact with algorithmically curated content and recommendations, the transparency surrounding these algorithms substantially influences how individuals perceive and interact with such technologies. The study’s outcomes offer valuable insights for policymakers, businesses, and developers aiming to enhance user experiences, strengthen consumer trust, and fine-tune algorithms that align with public expectations. In conclusion, this empirical analysis represents a critical step toward unraveling the multifaceted relationship between algorithm transparency and its impact on consumer behavior. In a digital landscape characterized by ubiquitous algorithms, understanding how transparency shapes perceptions and decisions is academically intriguing and practically imperative for fostering healthier digital interactions.

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